Our History

  • The Sacramento Sheriff's Posse had been formed in 1937 and in 1941 was instrumental in the creation of the Sacramento County Horsemen's Association (SCHA).

  • The first formation meeting of the Sacramento County Horsemen's Association (SCHA) was held January 19, 1942. By July of that year, the club had more than 500 on the roster, and by 1945 there were about 700.

  • In September 1946, SCHA obtained a 20-year lease from the city for a clubhouse and arena in the Del Paso area.

  • By 1956, the Haggin Oaks Golf Club wanted to expand, and SCHA was asked to move its clubhouse by the end of 1957.  Two years later, the Saddle Oaks Clubhouse and arena were built at the present location. By then, folks were referring to SCHA as simply SHA.

  • Construction of the new barn began in 1962.

  • In the 1970s, the small arena was added, and the trees were planted around it in 1985.

  • In 2017, the Sacramento Horsemen’s Association became a 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

  • As other riding clubs and stables have given way to suburban development, the Sacramento Horsemen's Association (SHA) remains an anchor to the area's still-thriving equestrian sport institution.

We invite you to join us in passing along the passion for SHA’s bright future as the remaining public Equestrian Park in the City of Sacramento.